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Bump 3.27.90 release

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Version 3.27.90
* Add a 'org-gnome-Todo' style class (Alexis Diavatis)
* Remove reduntant 'New List' menu entry from appmenu (Shashwat)
* Fix untranslated Python plugins
* Add proper logging capabilities
* Flatpak master now shows trace messages
* Fix an important performance issue on startup
* Save edited tasks more aggressively
* Minor UI polishing
* Many translation updates
* Major rework of the Todoist data provider
* Errors are identified and treated more accurately now
* Tasks are now properly sorted
* Subtasks are correctly identified
* Major rework of the codebase
* Correctly detect completed tasks (fixes Google Tasks integration)
* Initial rework of the Todo.txt data provider
* Temporary loss of subtasks
Version 3.27.2
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<release date="2018-02-11" version="3.27.90">
We're proud to annouce GNOME To Do 3.27.90, the alpha release of the
next stable release that is going to be released this semester.
The highlights of this release are:
<li>The Todoist integration was much polished and improved, and should work more reliably now.</li>
<li>A big performance issue on startup was fixed. GNOME To Do should start much faster for users with many tasks.</li>
<li>Nightly Flatpaks have debugging and tracing enabled, allowing early testers to accurately report issues in To Do.</li>
<li>Google Tasks integration was fixed, and completed tasks now are correctly detected.</li>
<li>Many small polishes in the user interface.</li>
One major drawback of this release is that the Todo.txt integration plugin
lost the ability to handle subtasks. If you rely on that feature, please
refrain from using this version of GNOME To Do.
<p>This release also updates translations, and adds new translations.</p>
<release date="2017-11-16" version="3.27.2">
version: '3.27.2',
version: '3.27.90',
license: 'GPL3+',
default_options: [ 'buildtype=debugoptimized', 'warning_level=1' ],
meson_version: '>= 0.41.0'
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