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* screencast: Set correct stride when using dmabufs [Pascal; !2514]
* Fix glitches in apps using subsurfaces [Robert; !2501, !2530]
* Reduce client work when entering overview [Robert; !2502]
* Highlight actors becoming reactive under the pointer [Carlos; !2533]
* Fall back to ARGB if XRGB is not supported [Daniel; !2519]
* Support direct scanout on GPUs without modifiers support [Dor; !2510]
* Fix registering as X11 window manager if GDK_BACKEND is set [Michel; !2496]
* Fixed crash [Jonas Å.; !2554]
* Plugged leak [Sebastian; !2497]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Jonas D., Dor; !2348, !2406]

  Dor Askayo, Jonas Dreßler, Michel Dänzer, Carlos Garnacho, Sebastian Keller,
  Robert Mader, Pascal Nowack, Daniel van Vugt, Jonas Ådahl