Commit a52d5bf6 authored by Christian Persch's avatar Christian Persch

Fix build against old libxml2

Before libxml2 commit
xmlPushInput returned void, not int. The first release with this commit
is libxml2 2.7.0.
parent 569f8d37
......@@ -1876,11 +1876,15 @@ rsvg_handle_read_stream_sync (RsvgHandle *handle,
buffer = _rsvg_xml_input_buffer_new_from_stream (stream, cancellable, XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE, &err);
input = xmlNewIOInputStream (priv->ctxt, buffer, XML_CHAR_ENCODING_NONE);
#if LIBXML_VERSION >= 20700
if (xmlPushInput (priv->ctxt, input) < 0) {
rsvg_set_error (error, priv->ctxt);
xmlFreeInputStream (input);
return FALSE;
xmlPushInput (priv->ctxt, input);
result = xmlParseDocument (priv->ctxt);
if (result != 0) {
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