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Version 2.40.13
- Chun-wei Fan and Paolo Borelli fixed the Windows build.
- Menner added basic support for the "baseline-shift" attribute in
text objects. We support "sub", "super", and plain "baseline", so
you can at least have subscripts and superscripts for formulas and
......@@ -8,6 +9,14 @@ Version 2.40.13
try to decide whether to create intermediate surfaces. Now we have
a single place where this is done. This fixes inconsistent text
spacing in some situations. bgo#749415.
- Rewrote the markers engine, for bgo#685906 and bgo#760180 - Our
machinery for rendering SVG markers (like arrowheads and such)
didn't handle several cases correctly. Curves with coincident
control points produced incorrect orientations for the markers, as
did multiple contiguous zero-length segments. We follow the spec
for this now and handle things correctly. Also, markers didn't
render in the correct position if they had the viewBox attribute
Version 2.40.12
- Benjamin Otte did *great* work in refactoring the test harness to
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