Commit 823a32d0 authored by Hiroyuki Ikezoe's avatar Hiroyuki Ikezoe

[release] 2.31.0

parent b78f0cfa
Version 2.31.0
- buildable against standalone gdk-pixbuf
- require GIO
- Bug fixed:
337979 text size not rendered correctly
545158 Segfault or bad rendering when displaying a SVG file
614556 Background pixbuf in filter process should not be created if it's not needed.
616018 cairo-freetype font rendering code should be removed.
620130 Decode base64 inplace
620238 crashes rending a trivial file
620592 Use correct free func
620649 Simplify code by using g_clear_error
620693 presentation attributes in svg element are ignored
620822 Build fails with make -jx"
621699 make librsvg gio friendly
622790 use standalone gdk-pixbuf
623383 [PATCH] crash on rsvg-gobject.c:141, in instance_dispose function
Version 2.26.3
- Bug fixed:
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