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Version 2.40.12
- Benjamin Otte did *great* work in refactoring the test harness to
use Glib's gtest infrastructure, instead of using home-grown
machinery. Tests can simply be put as SVG files in the tests/
subdirectories; it is not necessary to list them explicitly in some
text file. Yay!
- Gzipped SVGs now work if read from streams.
- References to objects/filters/URIs/etc. are now handled lazily.
Also, there is a general-purpose cycle detector so malformed SVGs
don't cause infinite loops. Work by Benjamin Otte.
- Removed parsing of Adobe blend modes; they were not implemented, anyway.
- Fixed bgo#700911 - feComponentTransfer filter functions did not work at all.
- Fixed bgo#630732 - out-of-bounds read in feComponentTransfer with tableValues.
- Fixed bgo#677068 - incorrect reflection points in paths.
Version 2.40.11
- Add project files for building on Visual Studio (bgo#753555). Work
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