Update NEWS for 2.40.20

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Version 2.40.20
- Except for emergencies, this will be the LAST RELEASE of the
librsvg-2.40.x series. We are moving to 2.41, which is vastly
improved over the 2.40 series. The API/ABI there remain unchaged,
so we strongly encourage you to upgrade your sources and binaries to
- bgo#761175 - Allow masks and clips to reuse a node being drawn.
- Don't access the file system when deciding whether to load a remote
file with a UNC path for a paint server (i.e. don't try to load it at all).
- Vistual Studio: fixed and integrated introspection builds, so
introspection data is built directly from the Visual Studio project
(Chun-wei Fan).
- Visual Studio: We now use HIGHENTROPYVA linker option on x64 builds,
to enhance the security of built binaries (Chun-wei Fan).
- Fix generation of Vala bindings when compiling in read-only source
directories (Emmanuele Bassi).
Version 2.40.19
- bgo#621088: Using text objects as clipping paths is now supported.
- bgo#587721: Fix rendering of text elements with transformations (Massimo).
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