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Version 2.40.10
- Fixed bgo#748608 - Memory leak when Gaussian-blurring. Thanks to
Carlos Garnacho for fixing my leaky code.
- Fixed bgo#739329 - font-family attributes with singly-quoted names
were not handled correctly, yielding incorrect fonts. Patch by Menner.
- Fixed bgo#476507 - Path start/end markers didn't have the correct angle
if the path was a curve with coincident control points. Patch by Menner.
- Fixed bgo#688689 - Support font-style="normal" within a non-normal
styled text block. Patch by Paolo.
- Fixed builddir != srcdir. Patch by Matthias Clasen.
- Remove a bunch of deprecated GTK+ calls.
- This version of librsvg requires GTK+ 3.10.0, which is, ahem, only two years old.
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