2.40.15 - I'm an idiot and tagged the repo before updating NEWS

Hence this brown-bag tag.
parent f4296d2b
Version 2.40.15
- Apologies for the lack of 2.40.14. I mistakenly tagged the
repository before updating the NEWS file.
- librsvg now uses the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct,
version 1.4, to which all contributors and maintainers are expected
to abide. Please see the code_of_conduct.md file for details.
- Chun-wei Fan fixed builds on Visual Studio pre-2012.
- Fixed bgo#759084 - Don't crash when filters don't actually exist
Fix by Benjamin Otte.
- Javier Jardón updated our autogen.sh to use modern autotools.
- Fixed bgo#761728 - Memory leak in the PrimitiveComponentTransfer
filter. Fix by Ron Hopper.
Version 2.40.13
- Chun-wei Fan and Paolo Borelli fixed the Windows build.
- Menner added basic support for the "baseline-shift" attribute in
m4_define([rsvg_lt_version_info],m4_eval(rsvg_major_version + rsvg_minor_version):rsvg_micro_version:rsvg_minor_version)
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