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Update appdata

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......@@ -59,16 +59,19 @@
<release version="1.4.0" date="2017-04-27">
<release version="1.4.0" date="2017-05-08">
This release adds new features.
<li>Editing of ingredients has been improved</li>
<li>Editing of instructions has been improved</li>
<li>Your own ingredients are added to the completions</li>
<li>Recipes are exported as pdf in addition to the archive format</li>
<li>Cuisine descriptions are shown on the pages for individual cuisines</li>
<li>A setting for the preferred temperature unit as been introduced</li>
<li>New recipes: Pesce alla sale</li>
<li>Crash and other bug fixes</li>
<li>New and updated translations: Catalan, Slovak, Spanish</li>
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