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......@@ -59,18 +59,19 @@
<release version="1.4.7" date="2017-07-05">
<release version="1.6.0" date="2017-07-26">
Under development.
This release adds new features.
<li>Improved formatting of numbers as mixed fractions</li>
<li>Recipes can specify a more general yield, instead of just servings, and the amount can be fractional</li>
<li>Lists can be sorted either by name or by recency</li>
<li>The My Recipes list indicates contributed recipes</li>
<li>The My Recipes list indicates which recipes have been contributed</li>
<li>Recipes can be imported in the Gourmet XML file format</li>
<li>New recipes: Beef Pho, Hawaiian Fish salad, Arroz amarillo, Homemade Mayonnaise and Pad Priew Wan Goong</li>
<li>New and updated translations: Czech, German, Polish</li>
project('gnome-recipes', 'c', version: '1.4.7',
project('gnome-recipes', 'c',
version: '1.6.0',
meson_version : '>=0.36.0')
i18n = import('i18n')
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