Commit 7a5e0c78 authored by Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan

window: Expose the client type in the API

We already have the enum exposed, but no accessor function.

Add `meta_window_get_client_type()` which returns the
`MetaWindowClientType` of a window.

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......@@ -8531,3 +8531,17 @@ meta_window_get_id (MetaWindow *window)
return window->id;
* meta_window_get_client_type:
* @window: a #MetaWindow
* Returns the #MetaWindowClientType of the window.
* Returns: (transfer none): The root ancestor window
meta_window_get_client_type (MetaWindow *window)
return window->client_type;
......@@ -261,4 +261,6 @@ void meta_window_shove_titlebar_onscreen (MetaWindow *window);
uint64_t meta_window_get_id (MetaWindow *window);
MetaWindowClientType meta_window_get_client_type (MetaWindow *window);
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