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Commit ad3bff34 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

miners/fs: Fix compile warning in tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c

Fixes this:

    [3/4] Compiling C object 'src/miners/fs/8409082@@tracker-miner-fs@exe/tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c.o'.
    ../src/miners/fs/tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c: In function ‘writeback_dispatcher_writeback_file’:
    ../src/miners/fs/tracker-writeback-dispatcher.c:375:11: warning: assignment to ‘TrackerMinerFiles *’ {aka ‘struct TrackerMinerFiles *’} from incompatible pointer type ‘TrackerMinerFS *’ {aka ‘struct _TrackerMinerFS *’} [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
      data->fs = g_object_ref (fs);
parent c9144e49
......@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ writeback_dispatcher_writeback_file (TrackerMinerFS *fs,
data->retry_timeout = 0;
data->self = self;
g_object_weak_ref (G_OBJECT (data->self), self_weak_notify, data);
data->fs = g_object_ref (fs);
data->fs = TRACKER_MINER_FILES (g_object_ref (fs));
data->file = g_object_ref (file);
data->results = g_ptr_array_ref (results);
data->rdf_types = g_strdupv (rdf_types);
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