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    foundry: rename IdeBuildPipeline and IdeBuildStage · 9d8f41a3
    Christian Hergert authored
    This renames IdeBuildPipeline to IdePipeline and IdeBuildStage to
    IdePipelineStage. Additionally, IdeBuildPhase is now IdePipelinePhase.
    This should help in contributors understanding the difference between
    the IdeBuildSystem components and the production pipeline and it's
    I didn't try very hard to keep whitespace nice, because we'll probably
    do a large round of that with automation tools later and I'd rather do
    that as a single pass.
    Also, I renamed the execute APIs to build since execute didn't really
    make sense in the concepts of a build pipeline that can
    I would not be surprised if there is a bit of fallout from this, so better
    to get it in now than later.