Commit 80655726 authored by Nick Montalbano's avatar Nick Montalbano
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nautilus-files-view: update comma placement for primary status

Extra space before comma in folder, item count when files in folders are
not counted.

The issue occurs when search preview file count seleted value, is set to none.
An extra white space occurs before he comma.

To fix the issue, the comma placement is moved if the file folder count is null
or empty.

Fixes: GNOME/nautilus#1867
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......@@ -3521,7 +3521,15 @@ nautilus_files_view_display_selection_info (NautilusFilesView *view)
* message about the number of other items and the
* total size of those items.
primary_status = g_strdup_printf (_("%s %s, %s %s"),
if (folder_item_count_str && folder_item_count_str[0])
strcat (folder_item_count_str, ",");
strcat (folder_count_str, ",");
primary_status = g_strdup_printf (_("%s %s %s %s"),
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