Commit c09ac0be authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

Release 2.2.1

parent f0d0ae2f
NEW in 2.2.1 - 2019-03-06
* Fix unichar unescaping
* Correctly Handle BIND in first place of a triples block
* Fix possible deadlock on WAL checkpoint
* Fix some double values not being deleted
* Fixed CHANGES_DONE_HINT handling in TrackerMonitor
* Ported data generator utilities to python3
* Ported functional tests to python3, reformatted to PEP-8
* Correctly apply ignored-directories-with-content filter on monitor updates
* Build and test fixes
Translations: de, eo, fur, fr, it, ko, lv, nl, ru, sr
NEW in 2.2.0 - 2019-02-20
project('tracker', 'c', 'vala',
version: '2.2.0',
version: '2.2.1',
meson_version: '>=0.47')
gnome = import('gnome')
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