Commit 46175210 authored by Antoine Jacoutot's avatar Antoine Jacoutot

libtracker-common: fix build on OpenBSD

We need to link with libkvm on OpenBSD (kvm_open, kvm_openfiles, etc.)
parent ff2b07c4
......@@ -30,9 +30,13 @@ else
tracker_common_sources += 'tracker-parser-libunistring.c'
# FIXME: need to link against -lkvm on OpenBSD, see
tracker_common_dependencies = [glib, gio, gio_unix, libmath, libstemmer]
if build_machine.system() == 'openbsd'
libkvm = meson.get_compiler('c').find_library('kvm')
tracker_common_dependencies += libkvm
libtracker_common = library('tracker-common',
dependencies: tracker_common_dependencies + [unicode_library],
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