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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 3.3.3
    da4cc3d2 · Release version 3.3.3 ·
    Changes in version 3.3.3 are:
     * Distribute correct desktop autostart files
     * Use GcrPrompt and GcrSystemPrompt for prompting
     * Do not crash when reading a truncated keyring file
     * Add test tool for dumping the keyring format
     * Update for GckBuilder changes in libgck
     * Fix for deprecations in glib 2.31.x
     * Fix ReadAlias() returning null when 'login' keyring exists
     * Build fixes, bug fixes
  • 3.3.2
    892df9ab · Release version 3.3.2 ·
    Changes in version 3.3.2 are:
     * Do not make label selectionnable in prompt dialog
     * Fix deadlock in the 'unsafe storage' prompt
     * Better locking for the old gnome2-store
     * Updated translations
     * Build fixes
  • 3.2.2
    81f51c70 · Release version 3.2.2 ·
    Changes in version 3.2.2 are:
     * Fix problem with 'unsafe storage' prompt deadlocking
     * Remove XFCE & LXDE from OnlyShowIn for autostart files
     * Use g_random_int_range() for pseudo-random hash iteration count
     * Return password results with the most recent result first
     * Make clear source of warnings from the rpc module
     * Updated translations
     * Build fixes
    dff26962 · Release version ·
    Changes in version are:
     * Build correctly against glib 2.31
  • 3.3.1
    a396f791 · Release 3.3.1 ·
    Changes in version 3.3.1 are:
     * Return most recent secret first when searching
     * Split the Gcr and Gck libraries out of gnome-keyring
     * Build fixes
     * Updated translations
  • 3.2.1
    6d58181f · Release version 3.2.1 ·
    Changes in version 3.2.1 are:
     * Fix debugging output, and erroneous warnings
     * Updated translations
  • 3.2.0
    0c592c29 · Release version 3.2.0 ·
    Changes in version 3.2.0 are:
     * Don't install setuid when filesystem capabilities not available
     * Updated translations
  • 3.1.92
    6cd3c904 · Release version 3.1.92 ·
    Changes in version 3.1.92 are:
     * Add back the file format "documentation"
     * Make .desktop file match prompt process so icon and title are shown
     * Fix packaging issues installing the pkcs11 module
     * return correct error code in gpg-agent for unimplemented stuff
     * Fixes for parsing/viewing various (sometimes slightly invalid) PKCS#12 files
     * Allow daemon to access secrets of internal PKCS#11 modules, so that we can
       do things like hash NTLM and Kerberos secrets in the future.
     * Build and documentation fixes
     * Updated translations
  • 3.1.91
    13693433 · Release 3.1.91 ·
    Changes in version 3.1.91 are:
     * gcr-viewer will now display errors when failing to load a file.
     * gcr-viewer can now prompt for passwords to unlock files
     * Add support for getting the current data block being parsed in GcrParser.
     * Add debug output to various points in the GCR and GCK libraries.
     * When replacing another gnome-keyring-daemon, wait a moment before initializing.
     * Fix GCR library initialization bugs loading PKCS#11 modules.
     * Fine tuning of GcrParser when parsing PKCS#12 files.
     * Build and packaging fixes
     * Updated translations
  • 3.1.90
    be87bd7b · Release 3.1.90 ·
    Changes in version 3.1.90 are:
     * Install better xdg-mime files for identifying crypto related file types
     * New gcr-viewer for viewing certificates and keys, hooked up to file types
     * Display tweaks for the certificate and key widgets
     * Don't initialize PKCS#11 modules automatically in gcr library unless needed.
     * Cleanup the libgck API since we're bumping the major version.
     * ABI fixes for the GCR library for changes in the 3.1.x release cycle
     * New automatic checks for symbols that have changed in the ABI
     * Add async PKCS#11 initialization functions to libgck
     * Display Certificate otherName subject-alt-name for xmppAddr and DNS SRV
     * Documentation, testing, translation and build fixes.
  • 3.1.4
    456041b6 · Release version 3.1.4 ·
    Changes in version 3.1.4 are:
     * New GcrListSelector class for selecting multiple keys.
     * Add icons for key and key pair.
     * Gcr now has support for loading of GnuPG keys from gpg, including photos.
     * New gcr dependency on p11-kit for loading PKCS#11 modules.
     * Remove support for GTK+ 2.x
     * Implement calculation of fingerprints in gcr for keys.
     * Fix problems in daemon if IPC lock or FS capabilities are not available.
     * Bug fixes and build fixes.
     * Code cleanup and refactoring.
  • 3.0.3
    17ad20f5 · Release version 3.0.3 ·
    Changes in version 3.0.3 are:
     * Build fixes on OpenBSD.
     * Don't prompt multiple times for simultaneous unlocking of keyrings.
  • 3.0.2
    e08c45da · Release version 3.0.2 ·
    Changes in version 3.0.2 are:
     * Add documentation images for gcr widgets.
     * Translation fixes.
     * Build fixes.
  • 3.1.1
    05d2b474 · Release version 3.1.1 ·
    Changes in version 3.1.1 are:
     * Add 'Export Certificate' option to right click of certificate widget.
     * Use file system linux capabilities for memory locking.
     * Set correct daemon SELinux context when started from PAM module.
     * Fix assertions in parser.
     * Add GcrCollection interface to represent collections of objects.
     * Add GcrGnupgCollection to libgcr.
     * Implement functionality in renderers to populate GtkTreeModel
     * Add a GcrSelector widget.
     * Cleanup unregistering from session.
     * Translations and translation fixes.
     * Build fixes.
  • 3.0.1
    2ac257db · Release version 3.0.1 ·
    Changes in version 3.0.1 are:
     * Fix clicking buttons in 'unsafe storage' dialog on GTK+3
     * Build with GTK+3 by default
     * More tests and test fine tuning: --enable-tests=yes/no/full
     * Expand path in gnome-keyring-prompt.desktop properly
     * Implement debug tracing in parts of gcr library.
     * Complete documentation in gcr and gck libraries.
     * Fix assertions in gcr library during parsing of a stream.
     * Build fixes
  • 3.0.0
    c62b7542 · Release version 3.0.0 ·
    Release version 3.0.0
  • 2.91.93
    1a9d4a4e · Release version 2.91.93 ·
    Release version 2.91.93
     * Use full interface.Property form for CreateCollection and CreateItem
       in the DBus API.
     * Add deprecated functions for libgcr symbols lost since 2.32.x
     * Don't crash when the GPG agent is asked for a passhprase without a
       key id.
  • 2.91.92
    84856504 · Release version 2.91.92 ·
    Changes in 2.91.92
     * Don't leak login name from PAM when logging error.
     * Also start daemon in XFCE
     * Fix inability to save password for other keyrings.
     * Build and test fixes.
     * Support removal of aliases via the secret service API
     * Fix race condition when multiple applications create the default
       keyring at the same time.
     * Add a desktop file for gnome-keyring-prompt, so the icon shows up
       properly in gnome-shell.
     * Implement HKDF for transport encryption security.
  • 2.91.91
    6e5f757f · Release version 2.91.91 ·
    Release version 2.91.91
     * Fix the certificate details expander when used with GTK+3
     * Calculate the minimum/natural size of the certificate widget better.
     * Fix gnome-keyring-prompt for GTK+3 release.
     * Fix problems with the URIs used for trust lookup and storage.
     * Pass around a content-type for secrets in the DBus Secret Service API.
     * If DBus couldn't be initialized when starting up the daemon, try
       again at a later point.
     * Build and testing fixes.
     * Remove support for the pkcs11-options file, and wait for a proper
       configuration file setup being worked on in p11-kit.
     * Add support for --version argument to gnome-keyring-daemon and
     * Create necessary directory when storing trust assertion objects.
  • 2.91.4
    df37c82c · Release 2.91.4 ·
    Changes in version 2.91.4 are:
     * gck library loads PKCS#11 modules from /usr/lib/pkcs11
     * PKCS#11 config file in /etc/xdg/pkcs11.conf[.defaults]
     * Many ASN.1 encoding fixes.
     * Refactor how tests work.
     * Install standalone PKCS#11 modules to a consistent location.
     * Memory leaks and other bug fixes.
     * Allow enumeration of objects in specific PKCS#11 slots as well
       as modules.
     * Add GcrCertificateChain for building certificate chains.
     * Implementation of the initial PKCS#11 Trust Assertions spec.
     * Add GcrPkcs11Certificate for looking up certificates in PKCS#11
       modules by issuer.
     * Expose gcr functionality for setting which PKCS#11 modules to use.
     * Find the root certificates by default.
     * Move to a single header model for libgcr.
     * Don't load *.la files when looking for PKCS#11 modules.
     * Fixes for GTK+3.0
     * New xdg-store PKCS#11 module with support for storing trust
     * Rename old user-store to gnome2-store since it stores its data
       in old formats in the old .gnome2 location.