Commit 7ebfb898 authored by Marek Kašík's avatar Marek Kašík
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libview: Do not draw invalid surface

Check status of rendered surface for CAIRO_STATUS_INVALID_SIZE
in ev_job_render_run() before using it.
This prevents evince's UI to become corrupted when zooming in too much.
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......@@ -638,7 +638,8 @@ ev_job_render_run (EvJob *job)
job_render->surface = ev_document_render (job->document, rc);
if (job_render->surface == NULL) {
if (job_render->surface == NULL ||
cairo_surface_status (job_render->surface) == CAIRO_STATUS_INVALID_SIZE) {
ev_document_fc_mutex_unlock ();
ev_document_doc_mutex_unlock ();
g_object_unref (rc);
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