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1 Patch guidelines

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Procedures that should be followed when submitting patches for 
Evolution are available on 
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Further information:
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1.1 Subject Lines
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If the patch addresses a specific bug in bugzilla.gnome.org, then the
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bug number must be included in the subject line, preferably near the
beginning of the subject line.  A concise summary of the bug(s) being
addressed, should be the remainder of the subject.

It is unnecessary to add "[PATCH]", "patch" or similar to the subject
line, unless it is being cross-posted to other non-patch lists.

It is absolutely unnecessary to add "please consider", "please review",
or "seeking review", or similar, to the subject line.  Please do not do
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Where the patch does not address a specific bug number, then the subject
line should simply be a concise summary of the problem/feature it

In all cases the subject line should include the module(s) to which the
patch applies, and would generally match the component on the bug or
the top-level module directory (e.g. camel, mail, addressbook, use 'all'
for more than 3 or 4 modules).

2.2 Message Body

Patches should be attached as attachments, preferably as a single
diff, when possible, and the changes are related.  The diff must be in
unified diff format, "-up" is a suitable argument to give to "cvs
diff" (-p may be dropped if not supported by your diff).  If you have
added files, then -N should also be used, but if you are using cvs,
"cvs add" is needed, and requires write access to the repository.

If the patch does not address a specific bug, then the patch email
should describe which feature or problem it addresses.  If it does
address a specific bug, then further explanation beyond the bug
commentary is optional, although often convenient.

It would also be helpful to summarise the module to which it applies
in the message body.

In all cases you should include which branch, or branches, the patch
is intended to apply to.  If this is not given it will be assumed to
be the trunk (HEAD), and such patches will and must not be applied to
any stable branch without further approval.

2.3 Stable branches
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Generally, any patch to the stable branch from non-core developers
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must address a specific bug in bugzilla.gnome.org.  The patch should
also be attached to the bug in question.  The patch must not be
applied until reviewed.