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      Separate "basic" API from "embedder/module" API · 25681375
      Colin Walters authored
      Previously <gjs/gjs.h> pulled in a lot of stuff, and in particular,
      <gjs/jsapi-util.h>, which in turn required <jsapi.h>.  For a simple
      app that wants to embed GJS we should not be pulling that in.
      So <gjs/gjs.h> is now the "simple" API that actually just includes
      <gjs/context.h>, suitable for creating a context and calling eval().
      <gjs/gjs-module.h> is now equivalent to the old <gjs/gjs.h>, it
      pulls in the world.
      Also, create a corresponding .pc file, gjs-internals-1.0.pc.  This one
      includes mozjs as Requires, and adds the requisite Cflags.  For
      gjs-1.0.pc, change the Requires to simply be gobject-2.0.
      Conceptually, a gjs-devel RPM should not Require
      gobject-introspection-devel or xulrunner-devel, and a simple embedder
      program just using gjs_context_new()/gjs_context_eval() should not
      have DT_NEEDED on gobject-introspection-1.0.so or mozjs.so.
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