Commit 2a0834f3 authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento 🚮

Merge branch 'more' into 'master'

CI: add webkit and gtk-app tests

See merge request !222
parents 4d663ace 8f98f4af
......@@ -15,11 +15,19 @@ if [[ -n "${ENABLE_GTK}" ]]; then
eval timeout 5s $graphical_gjs examples/gtk.js
report_timeout "run the gtk.js example"
eval timeout 5s $graphical_gjs examples/gtk-application.js
report_timeout "run the gtk-application.js example"
eval timeout 5s $graphical_gjs examples/gettext.js
report_timeout "run the gettext.js example"
eval timeout 15s $graphical_gjs examples/webkit.js
report_timeout "run the webkit.js example"
skip "run the calc.js example" "running without GTK"
skip "run the gtk.js example" "running without GTK"
skip "run the gtk-application.js example" "running without GTK"
skip "run the gettext.js example" "running without GTK"
skip "run the webkit.js example" "running without GTK"
echo "1..$total"
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