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    tests: Use embedded copy of Jasmine to run tests · 3d6e9fab
    Philip Chimento authored
    This replaces the old JSUnit test harness with an embedded copy of
    Jasmine [1], which makes writing tests less of a pain, includes more
    handy test facilities, and produces better output.
    jasmine.js is a copy of upstream Jasmine 2.5.2. minijasmine.js contains
    code for starting up Jasmine, adapting it to the GJS environment, and
    producing TAP output. minijasmine.cpp makes an executable which loads the
    preceding two files from the unit test GResource.
    All the tests in installed-tests/js are converted to use Jasmine's
    describe()/it() style. Quite often this allows simplifying them since
    Jasmine has features like array and object equality, spies, and clock
    [1] https://jasmine.github.io/2.5/introduction.html
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