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    Build: Add NMake Makefiles · 23b72e98
    Chun-wei Fan authored
    This adds NMake Makefiles that are consumed by Visual Studio 2013 or later
    so that we can build gjs using Visual Studio with NMake.  Note that since
    NMake can be clunky at some points, so we use some tricks to convert the
    source listings into .obj listings that it expects, as well as to create a
    file list for files that it needs to feed to the introspection scanner, as
    well as batch rules (similar to the pattern rules) to compile the sources
    that are spread out in different directories, and to reduce repetition as
    much as possible.
    Note that this is modularized, so there are items that are shared with
    other projects like HarfBuzz, including:
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