Commit f1ca20fb authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento 🚮

release: Prepare for 1.51.90

parent 6bebb906
Version 1.51.90
- Note that all the old Bugzilla bug reports have been migrated over to GitLab.
- GJS now, once again, includes a profiler, which outputs files that can be
read with sysprof. To use it, simply run your program with the environment
variable GJS_ENABLE_PROFILER=1 set. If your program is a JS script that is
executed with the interpreter, you can also pass --profile to the
interpreter. See "gjs --help" for more info.
- New API: For programs that want more control over when to start and stop
profiling, there is new API for GjsContext. When you create your GjsContext
there are two construct-only properties available, "profiler-enabled" and
"profiler-sigusr2". If you set profiler-sigusr2 to TRUE, then the profiler
can be started and stopped while the program is running by sending SIGUSR2 to
the process. You can also use gjs_context_get_profiler(),
gjs_profiler_set_filename(), gjs_profiler_start(), and gjs_profiler_stop()
for more explicit control.
- New API: GObject.signal_connect(), GObject.signal_disconnect(), and
GObject.signal_emit_by_name() are now available in case a GObject-derived
class has conflicting connect(), disconnect() or emit() methods.
- Closed bugs and merge requests:
* Handle 0-valued GType gracefully [#11, !10, Philip Chimento]
* Profiler [#31, !37, Christian Hergert, Philip Chimento]
* Various maintenance [!40, !59, Philip Chimento, Giovanni Campagna]
* Rename GObject.Object.connect/disconnect? [#65, !47, Giovanni Campagna]
* Better debugging output for uncatchable exceptions [!39, Simon McVittie]
* Update Docker images and various CI maintenance [!54, !56, !57, !58,
Claudio André]
* Install GJS suppression file for Valgrind [#2, !55, Philip Chimento]
Version 1.50.4
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