Commit 84e4012e authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento 🚮

release: Prepare for 1.49.92

parent ee3c9c2b
Version 1.49.92
- It's now possible to build GJS with sanitizers (ASan and UBSan) enabled; add
"--enable-asan" and "--enable-ubsan" to your configure flags. This has
already caught some memory leaks.
- There's also a "make check-valgrind" target which will run GJS's test suite
under Valgrind to catch memory leaks and threading races.
- Many of the crashes in GNOME 3.24 were caused by GJS's closure invalidation
code which had to change from the known-working state in 1.46 because of
changes to SpiderMonkey's garbage collector. This code has been refactored to
be less complicated, which will hopefully improve stability and debuggability.
- Closed bugs:
* Clean up the idle closure invalidation mess [#786668, Philip Chimento]
* Add ASan and UBSan to GJS [#783220, Claudio André]
* Run analysis tools on GJS to prepare for release [#786995, Philip Chimento]
* Fix testLegacyGObject importing the GTK overrides [#787113, Philip Chimento]
- Docs tweak [Philip Chimento]
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