Commit 69862c41 authored by Philip Chimento's avatar Philip Chimento

release: Prepare for 1.49.90

parent 2ef67864
Version 1.49.90
- New API: GObject.registerClass(), intended for use with ES6 classes. When
defining a GObject class using ES6 syntax, you must call
GObject.registerClass() on the class object, with an optional metadata
object as the first argument. (The metadata object works exactly like the
meta properties from Lang.Class, except that Name and Extends are not
var MyClass = new Lang.Class({
Name: 'MyClass',
Extends: GObject.Object,
Signals: { 'event': {} },
_init(props={}) {
this._private = [];
var MyClass = GObject.registerClass({
Signals: { 'event': {} },
}, class MyClass extends GObject.Object {
_init(props={}) {
this._private = [];
It is forward compatible with the following syntax requiring decorators and
class fields, which are not in the JS standard yet:
class MyClass extends GObject.Object {
static [GObject.signals] = { 'event': {} }
_init(props={}) {
this._private = [];
One limitation is that GObject ES6 classes can't have constructor()
methods, they must do any setup in an _init() method. This may be able to be
fixed in the future.
- Closed bugs:
* Misc 1.49 and mozjs52 enhancements [#785040, Philip Chimento]
* Switch to native promises [#784713, Philip Chimento]
* Can't call exports using top-level variable toString [#781623, Philip
* Properties no longer recognized when shadowed by a method [#785091, Philip
Chimento, Rico Tzschichholz]
* Patch: backport of changes required for use with mozjs-55 [#785424, Luke
Version 1.48.6
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