Commit 1af7cde1 authored by Luca Bacci's avatar Luca Bacci
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Propagate key events when the location entry is focused

Fixes GNOME/gtk#4880
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......@@ -7740,6 +7740,14 @@ captured_key (GtkEventControllerKey *controller,
if (keyval == GDK_KEY_slash)
if (impl->location_entry)
GtkWidget *focus = gtk_root_get_focus (gtk_widget_get_root (GTK_WIDGET (impl)));
if (focus && gtk_widget_is_ancestor (focus, impl->location_entry))
handled = gtk_event_controller_key_forward (controller, GTK_WIDGET (impl->search_entry));
if (handled == GDK_EVENT_STOP)
operation_mode_set (impl, OPERATION_MODE_SEARCH);
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