Commit f2685ddf authored by Cosimo Cecchi's avatar Cosimo Cecchi

colorswatch: don't apply padding twice

Instead of taking the border and manually removing it from the
allocation, render our background over all the border allocation box, as
that's more correct and does not take padding into account twice.
parent e62f1604
......@@ -120,14 +120,19 @@ gtk_color_swatch_render (GtkCssGadget *gadget,
cairo_pattern_t *pattern;
cairo_matrix_t matrix;
GtkBorder border;
GtkAllocation allocation, border_allocation;
gtk_widget_get_allocation (widget, &allocation);
gtk_css_gadget_get_border_allocation (gadget, &border_allocation, NULL);
border_allocation.x -= allocation.x;
border_allocation.y -= allocation.y;
gtk_style_context_get_border (context, gtk_style_context_get_state (context), &border);
gtk_render_content_path (context, cr,
x - border.left,
y -,
width + border.left + border.right,
height + + border.bottom);
if (swatch->priv->use_alpha)
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