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......@@ -97,6 +97,25 @@ Release notes for 3.10
to just the insensitive and backdrop states. This mostly affects
* The way widget drawing happens has changed. Earlier versions handled
one expose event per GdkWindow, each with a separate cairo_t. Now we
only handle the expose event on the toplevel and reuse the same
cairo_t (with the right translation and clipping) for the entire
widget hierarchy, recursing down via the GtkWidget::draw signal.
Having all rendering in the same call tree allows effects like
opacity and offscreen rendering of entire widget sub-hierarchies.
Generally this should not require any changes in widgets, but
code looking at e.g. the current expose event may see different
behavior than before.
* The Gtk+ scrolling implementation has changed. gdk_window_scroll()
and gdk_window_move_region() no longer copy the region on the
window, but rather invalidate the entire scrolled region. This is
slightly slower, but allowed us to implement a offscreen surface
scrolling method which better fits modern hardware. Most scrolling
widgets in Gtk+ have been converted to use this model for scrolling,
but external widgets implementing scrolling using GdkWindow may see
some slowdown.
Release notes for 3.8
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