Commit d3b34d3c authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

Add gtk_application_prefers_app_menu()

Applications can call this to determine if they should an app menu.
This will be %FALSE on desktop environments that do not have an
application menu like the one in gnome-shell.  It is %FALSE on Windows
and Mac OS.

Applications are completely free to totally ignore this API -- it is
only provided as a hint to help applications that may be interested in
supporting non-GNOME platforms with a more native 'look and feel'.
parent d8934ea2
......@@ -7391,6 +7391,7 @@ gtk_application_uninhibit
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
#include "config.h"
#include "gtkapplicationprivate.h"
#include "gtksettings.h"
G_DEFINE_TYPE (GtkApplicationImplDBus, gtk_application_impl_dbus, GTK_TYPE_APPLICATION_IMPL)
......@@ -411,6 +412,38 @@ gtk_application_impl_dbus_is_inhibited (GtkApplicationImpl *impl,
return inhibited;
static gboolean
gtk_application_impl_dbus_prefers_app_menu (GtkApplicationImpl *impl)
static gboolean decided;
static gboolean result;
/* We do not support notifying if/when the result changes, so make
* sure that once we give an answer, we will always give the same one.
if (!decided)
GtkSettings *gtk_settings;
gboolean show_app_menu;
gboolean show_menubar;
gtk_settings = gtk_settings_get_default ();
g_object_get (G_OBJECT (gtk_settings),
"gtk-shell-shows-app-menu", &show_app_menu,
"gtk-shell-shows-menubar", &show_menubar,
/* We prefer traditional menus when we have a shell that doesn't
* show the appmenu or we have a shell that shows menubars
* (ie: Unity)
result = show_app_menu && !show_menubar;
decided = TRUE;
return result;
static void
gtk_application_impl_dbus_init (GtkApplicationImplDBus *dbus)
......@@ -446,6 +479,7 @@ gtk_application_impl_dbus_class_init (GtkApplicationImplDBusClass *class)
impl_class->inhibit = gtk_application_impl_dbus_inhibit;
impl_class->uninhibit = gtk_application_impl_dbus_uninhibit;
impl_class->is_inhibited = gtk_application_impl_dbus_is_inhibited;
impl_class->prefers_app_menu = gtk_application_impl_dbus_prefers_app_menu;
gobject_class->finalize = gtk_application_impl_dbus_finalize;
......@@ -1138,6 +1138,57 @@ gtk_application_remove_accelerator (GtkApplication *application,
g_free (action_and_target);
* gtk_application_prefers_app_menu:
* @application: a #GtkApplication
* Determines if the desktop environment in which the application is
* running would prefer an application menu be shown.
* If this function returns %TRUE then the application should call
* gtk_application_set_app_menu() with the contents of an application
* menu, which will be shown by the desktop environment. If it returns
* %FALSE then you should consider using an alternate approach, such as
* a menubar.
* The value returned by this function is purely advisory and you are
* free to ignore it. If you call gtk_application_set_app_menu() even
* if the desktop environment doesn't support app menus, then a fallback
* will be provided.
* Applications are similarly free not to set an app menu even if the
* desktop environment wants to show one. In that case, a fallback will
* also be created by the desktop environment (GNOME, for example, uses
* a menu with only a "Quit" item in it).
* The value returned by this function never changes. Once it returns a
* particular value, it is guaranteed to always return the same value.
* You may only call this function after the application has been
* registered and after the base startup handler has run. You're most
* likely to want to use this from your own startup handler. It may
* also make sense to consult this function while constructing UI (in
* activate, open or an action activation handler) in order to determine
* if you should show a gear menu or not.
* This function will return %FALSE on Mac OS and a default app menu
* will be created automatically with the "usual" contents of that menu
* typical to most Mac OS applications. If you call
* gtk_application_set_app_menu() anyway, then this menu will be
* replaced with your own.
* Returns: %TRUE if you should set an app menu
* Since: 3.14
gtk_application_prefers_app_menu (GtkApplication *application)
g_return_val_if_fail (application->priv->impl != NULL, FALSE);
return gtk_application_impl_prefers_app_menu (application->priv->impl);
* gtk_application_set_app_menu:
* @application: a #GtkApplication
......@@ -151,6 +151,9 @@ void gtk_application_set_accels_for_action (GtkApplication
const gchar *detailed_action_name,
const gchar * const *accels);
gboolean gtk_application_prefers_app_menu (GtkApplication *application);
#endif /* __GTK_APPLICATION_H__ */
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ gtk_application_impl_init (GtkApplicationImpl *impl)
static guint do_nothing (void) { return 0; }
static gboolean return_false (void) { return FALSE; }
static void
gtk_application_impl_class_init (GtkApplicationImplClass *class)
......@@ -59,6 +60,7 @@ gtk_application_impl_class_init (GtkApplicationImplClass *class)
class->inhibit = (gpointer) do_nothing;
class->uninhibit = (gpointer) do_nothing;
class->is_inhibited = (gpointer) do_nothing;
class->prefers_app_menu = (gpointer) return_false;
......@@ -153,6 +155,12 @@ gtk_application_impl_is_inhibited (GtkApplicationImpl *impl,
return GTK_APPLICATION_IMPL_GET_CLASS (impl)->is_inhibited (impl, flags);
gtk_application_impl_prefers_app_menu (GtkApplicationImpl *impl)
return GTK_APPLICATION_IMPL_GET_CLASS (impl)->prefers_app_menu (impl);
GtkApplicationImpl *
gtk_application_impl_new (GtkApplication *application,
GdkDisplay *display)
......@@ -103,6 +103,8 @@ typedef struct
gboolean (* is_inhibited) (GtkApplicationImpl *impl,
GtkApplicationInhibitFlags flags);
gboolean (* prefers_app_menu) (GtkApplicationImpl *impl);
} GtkApplicationImplClass;
......@@ -184,6 +186,8 @@ gboolean gtk_application_impl_is_inhibited (GtkAppl
gchar * gtk_application_impl_dbus_get_window_path (GtkApplicationImplDBus *dbus,
GtkWindow *window);
gboolean gtk_application_impl_prefers_app_menu (GtkApplicationImpl *impl);
void gtk_application_impl_quartz_setup_menu (GMenuModel *model,
GtkActionMuxer *muxer);
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