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Add a release note about theme changes

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......@@ -75,6 +75,15 @@ Even better are git-formatted patches. (Use git format-patch)
Release notes for 3.20
* The way theming works in GTK+ has been reworked pretty fundamentally
in this release, to be able to implement many more CSS features and
generally give themes more power. As a result, custom CSS that is
shipped with applications and third-party themes will need adjustments.
Widgets now use element names much more than style classes; type
names are no longer used in style matching. Every widget now documents
the element names it has and the style classes it uses. The GTK+
inspector can also be helpful in finding this information.
* The GtkFileChooser interface pre-requisite changed from GtkWidget
to GObject, allowing non-widget implementations of this interface.
This is a minor change in ABI, as apps are no longer guaranteed
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