Commit a76d1985 authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón

GtkWidget: Move public members to private structure

parent efaed1b8
......@@ -4970,6 +4970,7 @@ GTK_IS_WIDGET_CLASS
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@ typedef enum
typedef struct _GtkRequisition GtkRequisition;
typedef struct _GtkSelectionData GtkSelectionData;
typedef struct _GtkWidgetPrivate GtkWidgetPrivate;
typedef struct _GtkWidgetClass GtkWidgetClass;
typedef struct _GtkWidgetAuxInfo GtkWidgetAuxInfo;
typedef struct _GtkWidgetShapeInfo GtkWidgetShapeInfo;
......@@ -260,53 +261,7 @@ struct _GtkWidget
/* internally used private flags. */
guint GSEAL (private_flags) : 16;
/* The state of the widget. There are only
* 5 widget states (defined in "gtkenums.h")
* so 3 bits.
guint GSEAL (state) : 3;
/* The saved state of the widget. When a widget's state
* is changed to GTK_STATE_INSENSITIVE via
* "gtk_widget_set_state" or "gtk_widget_set_sensitive"
* the old state is kept around in this field. The state
* will be restored once the widget gets sensitive again.
guint GSEAL (saved_state) : 3;
/* unused bits in our 32-bit block */
guint GSEAL (reserved) : 10;
/* The widget's name. If the widget does not have a name
* (the name is NULL), then its name (as returned by
* "gtk_widget_get_name") is its class's name.
* Among other things, the widget name is used to determine
* the style to use for a widget.
gchar *GSEAL (name);
/*< public >*/
/* The style for the widget. The style contains the
* colors the widget should be drawn in for each state
* along with graphics contexts used to draw with and
* the font to use for text.
GtkStyle *GSEAL (style);
/* The widget's allocated size.
GtkAllocation GSEAL (allocation);
/* The widget's window or its parent window if it does
* not have a window. (Which will be indicated by the
* GTK_NO_WINDOW flag being set).
GdkWindow *GSEAL (window);
/* The widget's parent.
GtkWidget *GSEAL (parent);
GtkWidgetPrivate *priv;
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