Commit 8caf1ae7 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

wayland: Respect cursor size setting

Respect the cursor size setting when loading the cursor theme.
parent 3278fb99
......@@ -565,15 +565,20 @@ gdk_wayland_display_init (GdkWaylandDisplay *display)
static void
_gdk_wayland_display_load_cursor_theme (GdkWaylandDisplay *wayland_display)
guint w, h;
guint size;
const gchar *theme_name;
GValue v = G_VALUE_INIT;
g_assert (wayland_display);
g_assert (wayland_display->shm);
_gdk_wayland_display_get_default_cursor_size (GDK_DISPLAY (wayland_display),
&w, &h);
g_value_init (&v, G_TYPE_INT);
if (gdk_setting_get ("gtk-cursor-theme-size", &v))
size = g_value_get_int (&v);
size = 32;
g_value_unset (&v);
g_value_init (&v, G_TYPE_STRING);
if (gdk_setting_get ("gtk-cursor-theme-name", &v))
theme_name = g_value_get_string (&v);
......@@ -581,7 +586,7 @@ _gdk_wayland_display_load_cursor_theme (GdkWaylandDisplay *wayland_display)
theme_name = "default";
wayland_display->cursor_theme = wl_cursor_theme_load (theme_name,
g_value_unset (&v);
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