Commit 7d3dbb95 authored by Christian Dywan's avatar Christian Dywan Committed by Javier Jardón

Remove deprecated GtkMenuBar functions (macros)

parent 956a5c47
......@@ -75,12 +75,6 @@ GtkPackDirection gtk_menu_bar_get_child_pack_direction (GtkMenuBar *menuba
void gtk_menu_bar_set_child_pack_direction (GtkMenuBar *menubar,
GtkPackDirection child_pack_dir);
#define gtk_menu_bar_append(menu,child) gtk_menu_shell_append ((GtkMenuShell *)(menu),(child))
#define gtk_menu_bar_prepend(menu,child) gtk_menu_shell_prepend ((GtkMenuShell *)(menu),(child))
#define gtk_menu_bar_insert(menu,child,pos) gtk_menu_shell_insert ((GtkMenuShell *)(menu),(child),(pos))
/* Private functions */
void _gtk_menu_bar_cycle_focus (GtkMenuBar *menubar,
GtkDirectionType dir);
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