Commit 3cb5e58b authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

API: Deprecate gtk_widget_region_intersect()

It's unused and would become disambiguous once we split between
allocation and draw region.
parent 2a99584c
......@@ -7482,6 +7482,9 @@ gtk_widget_intersect (GtkWidget *widget,
* and @region. The coordinates of the return value are relative to
* @widget->window for %NO_WINDOW widgets, and relative to the parent
* window of @widget->window for widgets with their own window.
* Deprecated: 3.14: Use gtk_widget_get_allocation() and
* cairo_region_intersect_rectangle() to get the same behavior.
cairo_region_t *
gtk_widget_region_intersect (GtkWidget *widget,
......@@ -776,7 +776,7 @@ GDK_AVAILABLE_IN_ALL
gboolean gtk_widget_intersect (GtkWidget *widget,
const GdkRectangle *area,
GdkRectangle *intersection);
cairo_region_t *gtk_widget_region_intersect (GtkWidget *widget,
const cairo_region_t *region);
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