Commit 2651b99a authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre Committed by Matthias Clasen

colorplane: Don't connect to the configure-event signal

We want to stop people from using configure events
entirely. GtkDrawingArea synthesizes a configure event, but we can just
make the only user of this functionality stop it, and correct the
documentation to not mention it.
parent 691dd835
......@@ -172,12 +172,13 @@ create_surface (GtkColorPlane *plane)
g_free (data);
static gboolean
plane_configure (GtkWidget *widget,
GdkEventConfigure *event)
static void
plane_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkAllocation *allocation)
GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (gtk_color_plane_parent_class)->size_allocate (widget, allocation);
create_surface (GTK_COLOR_PLANE (widget));
return TRUE;
static void
......@@ -493,7 +494,7 @@ gtk_color_plane_class_init (GtkColorPlaneClass *class)
object_class->set_property = plane_set_property;
widget_class->draw = plane_draw;
widget_class->configure_event = plane_configure;
widget_class->size_allocate = plane_size_allocate;
widget_class->key_press_event = plane_key_press;
g_object_class_install_property (object_class,
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
* when the widget is instantiated on a particular display.
* (Create GDK resources in response to this signal.)
* - The #GtkWidget::configure-event signal to take any necessary
* - The #GtkWidget::size-allocate signal to take any necessary
* actions when the widget changes size.
* - The #GtkWidget::draw signal to handle redrawing the
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