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More release notes

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......@@ -87,6 +87,18 @@ Release notes for 3.16
If you are using such a function from language-bindings, this
may require adjustments.
* The lookup order for actions that are activated via keyboard
accelerators has been changed to start at the currently focused
widget. If your application is making use fo nested action groups
via gtk_widget_insert_action_group, you may want to check that
this change does not upset your accelerators.
* The GtkScrollable interface has gained a new vfunc, get_border,
that is used to position overshoot and undershoot indications that
are drawn over the content by GtkScrolledWindow. Unless your scrollable
has non-scrolling parts similar to treeview headers, there is no need
to implement this vfunc.
Release notes for 3.14
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