Commit 1a088d3a authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom

GtkBuilder: Fixed documentation

The documentation was referring to an <external-object> tag
which we never implemented
parent ce7c6d58
......@@ -1355,12 +1355,6 @@ gtk_builder_get_translation_domain (GtkBuilder *builder)
* Add @object to the @builder object pool so it can be referenced just like any
* other object built by builder.
* To make this function even more useful a new special entry point element
* &lt;external-object&gt; is defined. It is similar to &lt;object&gt; but has
* to reference an external object exposed with this function.
* This way you can change properties and even add children to an
* external object using builder, not just reference it.
* Since: 3.8
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