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    GtkTextView: use GSlice to allocate GtkTextLineSegment's · 983a03d5
    Sébastien Wilmet authored
    Use GSlice to allocate all types of segments:
    - char
    - toggle
    - mark
    - pixbuf
    - child widget
    Char segments are a bit more complicated because the length of the text
    is determined at run time and stored in the 'byte_count' field. If the
    text is long, GSlice will call the system malloc() anyway, so it's
    better to always use GSlice for GtkTextLineSegment.
    Toggle segments are also freed in gtktextbtree.c, hence the function
    _gtk_toggle_segment_free() (for a later commit it would be nice to
    rename those functions with the _gtk_text prefix).
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