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    gtkprogressbar: fix size allocation · ada97b09
    Lars Uebernickel authored
    As of 74405cc9, progress bars use a new design with values drawn on top
    (or to the left) of the through instead of inside of it. This change
    brought a number of regressions: the min-horizontal-bar-height and
    min-vertical-bar-width style properties are not respected anymore. For
    vertical progress bars, the value was drawn too close to the bar and not
    centered vertically.
    Fix this by respecting the style properties and drawing the value label
    at the correct position.
    Also, the xspacing and yspacing properties didn't server any apparent
    purpose. Change their semantics to mean "the spacing between the label
    and the bar". Hence, they only need to be added to the size request when
    showing the label. Since we are changing semantics anyway, reduce their
    default values from 7 to 2, to avoid and excessive gap.
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