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    recent-manager: Coalesce multiple changes · ce5a29bc
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
    Since the ::changed implementation of GtkRecentManager implies a
    synchronous write operation, when we receive multiple requests to emit a
    ::changed signal we might end up blocking.
    This change coalesces multiple ::changed emission requests using the
    following sequence:
      • the first request will install a timeout in 250 ms, which will
        emit the ::changed signal
      • each further request while the timeout has not been emitted
        will increase a counter
          ‣ if the counter reaches 250 before the timeout has been
            emitted, then the RecentManager will remove the timeout
            source and force a signal emission and reset the counter
    This sequence should guarantee that frequent ::changed emission requests
    are coalesced, and also guarantee that we don't let them dangle for too
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