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    css: Add a workaround for gtk_widget_override_font() · 6ff326a8
    Benjamin Otte authored
    The problem here is that the CSS machinery expects font sizes to be in
    pixels, but gtk_widget_override_font() provides a value in point and the
    CSS machinery has no ability to query the DPI and convert.
    This patch changes the dconversion DPI we use from a hardcoded 96 to the
    default screen's DPI, which should work better than before.
    This will of course not listen to changes in the default screen's DPI,
    but that shouldn't be a problem.
    People who want to workaround this should use gtk_widget_override_font()
    with a font that has an absolute size set via
    pango_font_description_set_absolute_size (size * PANGO_SCALE *
                                              gdk_screen_get_resolution (screen));
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