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    cssnode: Don't put wrong styles in the style cache · 8439f065
    Benjamin Otte authored
    ~Company ╡ so TL;DR: we put the static style in the cache, but then
           ⤷ ╡ compute a child style from the animated style in the cache
           ⤷ ╡ and we put the child style also in the cache (because
           ⤷ ╡ it's not animated)
           ⤷ ╡ then we run the animation, but reuse the cache every time
           ⤷ ╡ for both child and parent
           ⤷ ╡ so after the animation is done, we end up with a cache that
           ⤷ ╡ has the correct static style for the parent but an
           ⤷ ╡ incorrect static style for the child
           ⤷ ╡ because that static style was computed from the
           ⤷ ╡ initial animated style
    This fixes https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=763517
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