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    Added Debian CVS build scripts. To build a snapshot Debian release, · 9b26da82
    Ben Gertzfield authored
    simply run, from within the top level of the gtk+ directory:
    [ben@gilgamesh:~/src/gtk-snap/gtk+]% debian/build                        1:16PM
    This will build a Debian snapshot release, updating debian/changelog, and
    place the resultant .debs in .. (~/src/gtk-snap/ in this example).
    The version numbers are automatically updated, and look like:
    where YYYY is the four-digit year (Y10K problem!) and MM is the
    month (01-12) and DD is the day (01-31). XX is the build number;
    it starts at 01 and debian/build increments it if you build from
    CVS more than once in a day. If you're doing more than 99 CVS
    builds in one day you need your head checked.
    *NOTE*! The debian/build script I've written does not check in the
    changes it has made to debian/changelog; that'd be scary and probably
    generate too many log files all the time.
    This really doesn't matter *too* much, since debian/changelog is
    kind of irrelevant with CVS builds. Just know that the scant
    information that is in there will not be updated via CVS.
    Also, for obvious reasons, the debian/build script I've written
    disables PGP signing of the resultant .changes and .dsc file.
    Since these packages are not going into any archives, this will
    not be a problem.
    Of course, all this doesn't mean much to you if you don't have the
    Debian dpkg-dev tools and debhelper installed, so don't worry if
    you have no idea what I'm talking about. :)
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