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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.9
* gtk-builder-tool can now preview .ui files with custom CSS
* gtk3-demo now demonstrates saving window sizes in the application
example, and has many more widgets in the foreign drawing example.
* CSS changes:
- the rem unit is now supported
- calc() expressions are supported, too
* Themes:
- Many fixes to Adwaita
- The Windows theme is now included on all platforms
* Windows
- The Classic and XP themes have been dropped
- The remaining theme is being fixed to work with CSS nodes
- React to theme changes
* Quartz:
- Fix image retrieval from the clipboard
* Wayland:
- Fix a significant buffer leak
* Bugs fixed:
677329 Missing focus-in events
698652 Aero-snapped windows in Win7 or 8 gets restored to previous size...
754990 Missing (out) annotation for gdk_rgba_parse
759657 GtkSeparator can segfault from CSS settings
760996 background in notebooks (and other places?) now white
761209 FileChooser crashes when invoked from FileChooserButton
761309 Background missing for empty treeview
761312 memory leak
761332 Creating a GtkStyleContext crashes
761339 [PATCH] skip gtk_widget_path_iter_add_qclass from g-ir-scanner
761363 Unlabeled GtkCheckButton does not respect valign
761381 gtk_settings_reset_property does not always reset to correct value
761402 GtkRange doesn't reset in_drag flag correctly
761428 GtkLevelBar no longer expands vertically
761474 x11: Scaling factor is applied twice on screen work area
761476 Set _GTK_THEME_VARIANT property also for light theme variant
761484 Spinbuttons in headerbars are way too tall
761552 Warnings in filechooser when typing-to-search in Recent
761571 Opaque region incorrectly calculated for fullscreen windows
761686 GtkTreeView theming problems
761716 Notebook scroll arrows appear to be sensitive always
761757 Crash in GtkFileChooserWidget
761775 gtkmagnifier: Avoid a crash if the inspected widget is finalized
761778 GtkShortcutsWindow - key labels are grey, not vertically centered
761791 Places sidebar: row height is too low
761792 Connect to server bar is too tall (and has a big fat connect butt...
761826 double negative in drag drop documentation for drag-motion confus...
761828 add a menu demo to foreigndrawing
761829 undefined reference to `gdk_mir_display_get_type'
761838 Editing widgets may be drawn off the visible area if the column i...
761900 gtk-demo: add spinbutton and menubar foreign drawing examples
761903 gtk3-demo: paned widget can be moved by resizing
761954 Tab detach no longer works
762021 GtkPaned propagates draw to NULL child
762032 Titlebars of windows have become unacceptably large in 3.19.x
762036 Extra widgets sizing messed up
762067 Adwaita: half maximized unfocused window has rounded corners
762080 gtk-demo: add combobox, menu separator and menu check/radio examp...
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Chinese (Taiwan)
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.8
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