Commit 59092e1c authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya

bloatpad: port to GActionMap for application

g_application_set_action_group() is now deprecated.
parent 2e64177e
......@@ -142,9 +142,7 @@ show_about (GSimpleAction *action,
GVariant *parameter,
gpointer user_data)
GtkWindow *window = user_data;
gtk_show_about_dialog (window,
gtk_show_about_dialog (NULL,
"program-name", "Bloatpad",
"title", "About Bloatpad",
"comments", "Not much to say, really.",
......@@ -179,26 +177,12 @@ static GActionEntry app_entries[] = {
{ "quit", quit_app, NULL, NULL, NULL },
static GActionGroup *
create_app_actions (void)
GSimpleActionGroup *actions = g_simple_action_group_new ();
g_simple_action_group_add_entries (actions,
app_entries, G_N_ELEMENTS (app_entries),
return G_ACTION_GROUP (actions);
static void
bloat_pad_init (BloatPad *app)
GActionGroup *actions;
GtkBuilder *builder;
actions = create_app_actions ();
g_application_set_action_group (G_APPLICATION (app), actions);
g_object_unref (actions);
g_action_map_add_action_entries (G_ACTION_MAP (app), app_entries, G_N_ELEMENTS (app_entries), app);
builder = gtk_builder_new ();
gtk_builder_add_from_string (builder,
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