Commit 4e2674ed authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Expand the docs for gtk_window_set_default_size()

Mention that this function should be used together with
gtk_window_get_size() when saving and restoring window sizes.
parent e10f44e8
......@@ -5184,7 +5184,7 @@ gtk_window_set_default_size_internal (GtkWindow *window,
* geometry hints for the window (gtk_window_set_geometry_hints() can
* be used to set these explicitly), the default size will be clamped
* to the nearest permitted size.
* Unlike gtk_widget_set_size_request(), which sets a size request for
* a widget and thus would keep users from shrinking the window, this
* function only sets the initial size, just as if the user had
......@@ -5206,7 +5206,12 @@ gtk_window_set_default_size_internal (GtkWindow *window,
* Windows can’t actually be 0x0 in size, they must be at least 1x1, but
* passing 0 for @width and @height is OK, resulting in a 1x1 default size.
* If you use this function to reestablish a previously saved window size,
* note that the appropriate size to save is the one returned by
* gtk_window_get_size(). Using the window allocation directly will not
* work in all circumstances and can lead to growing or shrinking windows.
gtk_window_set_default_size (GtkWindow *window,
gint width,
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