Commit 3942cb76 authored by Jay Painter's avatar Jay Painter
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Changed static function names/reorganized to make more sense. -Jay

parent 6365ebc9
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......@@ -87,13 +87,13 @@ struct _GtkCList
guint8 flags;
/* mem chunks */
GMemChunk *row_mem_chunk;
GMemChunk *cell_mem_chunk;
/* allocation rectangle after the conatiner_border_width
* and the width of the shadow border */
GdkRectangle internal_allocation;
/* memory chunks */
GMemChunk *row_mem_chunk;
GMemChunk *cell_mem_chunk;
/* rows */
gint rows;
......@@ -341,6 +341,10 @@ void gtk_clist_moveto (GtkCList * clist,
gfloat row_align,
gfloat col_align);
/* returns true if the row is visible */
gint gtk_clist_row_isvisable (GtkCList * clist,
gint row);
/* sets a given cell's text, replacing it's current contents */
void gtk_clist_set_text (GtkCList * clist,
gint row,
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