Commit 38b1f15f authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl Committed by Ray Strode

wayland: Only attach the buffer if there was damage

There is no point in attaching and then committing the same buffer if
there was no damage. This will also make us do less unnecessary backfill
read backs, for the cases where we paint with an empty paint region.
parent 64c9ec14
...@@ -782,7 +782,8 @@ gdk_window_impl_wayland_end_paint (GdkWindow *window) ...@@ -782,7 +782,8 @@ gdk_window_impl_wayland_end_paint (GdkWindow *window)
cairo_rectangle_int_t rect; cairo_rectangle_int_t rect;
int i, n; int i, n;
if (!window->current_paint.use_gl) if (!window->current_paint.use_gl &&
!cairo_region_is_empty (window->current_paint.region))
{ {
gdk_wayland_window_attach_image (window); gdk_wayland_window_attach_image (window);
...@@ -809,8 +810,9 @@ gdk_window_impl_wayland_end_paint (GdkWindow *window) ...@@ -809,8 +810,9 @@ gdk_window_impl_wayland_end_paint (GdkWindow *window)
{ {
cairo_region_get_rectangle (window->current_paint.region, i, &rect); cairo_region_get_rectangle (window->current_paint.region, i, &rect);
wl_surface_damage (impl->display_server.wl_surface, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height); wl_surface_damage (impl->display_server.wl_surface, rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height);
impl->pending_commit = TRUE;
} }
impl->pending_commit = TRUE;
} }
} }
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